Tillie Up Close

New Moon Over Asbury Park

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Asbury Park, New Jersey  Tillie 

T i l l i e  S e r i e s 

h    a    r    r    y       s    t    o    i    b    e    r    

Faces Of Tillie


New Moon OF Asbury Park

The story


The face of “Tillie” was an old “Coney Island” icon that Asbury Park, NJ adopted in 1909 for their fun-in-the-sun beach town. The original sign has been displayed since then; just as important as any landmark building it is now used as their symbol for the re-building of the town. Just like other small towns across the country this is a story of how this small town has beat the odds, from despair to a new town emerging. With support from celebrity such as Bruce Springsteen it has gained local and national notoriety. Offered as Giclee on canvas, signed and numbered. Poster is printed on card stock.